The Language of Landscape

Every art, every profession, every trade has its own language, its own shades of meaning for words that are used.  A chef, for example, knows that roasted peppers aren’t ‘roasted’ in the usual sense of the word but charred over an open flame to remove the skins and give the flesh that great smoky flavor.  Frankly, roasting isn’t really roasting, either ~ it’s baking ~ but that’s another story.

The language of landscape design is an amalgam of terms from the worlds of art, architecture, earth science, gardening, masonry, nurseries and plants.  Each of those worlds has its own lingo, and sometimes it feels like there’s a code you need to crack before you can even begin to understand the broader concepts being discussed.  Knowing the difference between a tree and a tree form, knowing the basics of hardscaping or the ABC’s of soil, can save you time, money and a whole lot of aggravation.  Whether you want to design and install your own landscape or find the right contractors for the job, it helps to talk and think like a pro.  

Landscape Lingo the ebook is coming soon; in the meantime you can catch bits of lingo on Facebook, facebook/landscapelingo.  Like us, follow us, share the videos with your friends.  Above all, have fun and watch this space…